Thursday, 28 February 2013

I've been crafting!

I do like to wind down gradually in the evenings once my 3 girls are in bed asleep.  I usually watch telly whilst tweeting and like to also do some crafting.  Given the weather has been driven by arctic blasts for the last few weeks I decided to crochet each of my 3 girls a cowl to keep their necks warm.  It has taken me 2 weeks to get them off them long enough to take a photo, eldest still wouldn't part with hers for a photo!  I used chunky wool and a large crochet hook and each cowl only took 1.5hrs so all 3 were completed over 3 evenings.

I crocheted a long foundation chain (measured to make sure it fitted over their heads), joined it to form the circle, chained 3 then crocheted a double crochet (US) or treble crochet (UK) into the second stitch from the hook then into each stitch in the foundation chain after that.  I crocheted about 10 rounds to make a nice thick cowl.   

I've also been doing some cross stitch projects and have finished one and have another WIP that I am working on.  I crocheted the edges of the finished cross stitch, and here it is:  

Apologies for not ironing it before taking pics
And here's my work in progress:

Again apologies for the wrinkled appearance, it lives in my satchel and I cart it around for when i get a spare minute.

What are your works in progress? Do you regularly craft?

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