Saturday, 17 September 2011

Save The Children Bloggers Conference

Christine Moseler is talking about the Every Child Born to Shine campaign. They followed the trail of a vaccine, so that Mum Bloggers in the UK could give a voice to the Mum's in Mozambique.

Campaign reached just under 30 million people. The point is that when you put all the social media involvement together it makes a HUGE difference. A retweet or facebook status may seem minor but it gets the word out. So get doing it!

Watching a vid from the project that Liz & Christine were involved in Trying not to bawl buckets at what some women and their children have to go through in other countries. We should not tolerate this without doing something about it!

Can you imagine what it feels like as a mother for your child to die of a preventable disease?!  They walk for miles to reach health clinics which may or may not have the vaccine, and they may not be able to afford it if there are doses available.

Christine now reading The Voice of the Voiceless. Beautifully written, profound and brutally honest.

Why do we stand by and let children die?! They are children like our own, precious lives wasted!

All you need to do is tweet or blog and it will help, find out what you can do and make a difference.

No child should be born to die!!

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