Monday, 8 August 2011

Entertainment without a TV screen in sight

This afternoon, while I made 3 dozen jars of jam, my Mum entertained my 3 daughters for a couple of hours.  We got the board games tub out of the garage and they had loads of fun!  There were 4 games that they played and there were no fights or bad manners either. That's as close to a miracle as you get in our house!

They played Pop to the Shops, Guess Who, Cinderella's Glass Slipper Game, and a travel version of Disney Princesses Hop and Drop as well as a full size non-princess version of  the same game (not pictured). 

We also discovered two Marble Runs that were up on the shelf in the lounge and my daughters had another hour of fun with those.

A brilliant afternoon was had by all! I enjoyed my jam making and supplying snacks to my Mum and daughters inbetween batches of jam, and they all enjoyed their time playing together.  Result!

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