Saturday, 23 October 2010

My Embroidered Pillowcases

I have been rather creative lately.  I have been snatching time in between battling numerous bouts of cold/flu, looking after sick children, and generally running around like a mad woman to make these:


They are embriodered pillowcases, I am rather proud of myself.  I found a tutorial on the internet for the edging and lovely flower templates for the embriodery that I drew on (with proper haberdashery store washable pen) and sewed over.  They took me AGES to make and I am not the most patient person.  A friend asked me to make them for her so she could give them to others as presents.  No pressure then, LOL

I am working on some other crafty bits for Christmas gifts. I prefer to give homemade things, although do buy gifts if I see gorgeous items at the right price.  Do you have any works in progress that you want to finish? Are you planning a homemade Christmas gift marathon crafting session?  If you are please do share :o)

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