Sunday, 31 October 2010

52MMMC Cloth Dolls

Over half term when the weather was cold and generally foul, my daughters suggested making dolls.  I scoured the internet for a pattern suitable for them all but in the end we just used some Calico I had in my fabric stash, drew around their favourite dolls and bears to make a doll shape, then cut them out.

The girls stitched faces on to their dolls using french knots for the eyes and backstitch for the nose, mouth, and eyebrows.  They then selected coloured wool for their dolls hair.  The strands of wool were bunched, knotted and placed inbetween the fabric of the dolls heads.  The dolls outlines were pinned, right sides together and we sewed up the outlines with the sewing machine (leaving a gap so we could stuff them).

Once the dolls had been sewn it was time to stuff them.

The girls coloured in their dolls with fabric pens to draw on outfits and also make a little red dress for each doll.  They really enjoyed themselves.  Here are the finished dolls:

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