Sunday, 31 October 2010

52MMMC Cloth Dolls

Over half term when the weather was cold and generally foul, my daughters suggested making dolls.  I scoured the internet for a pattern suitable for them all but in the end we just used some Calico I had in my fabric stash, drew around their favourite dolls and bears to make a doll shape, then cut them out.

The girls stitched faces on to their dolls using french knots for the eyes and backstitch for the nose, mouth, and eyebrows.  They then selected coloured wool for their dolls hair.  The strands of wool were bunched, knotted and placed inbetween the fabric of the dolls heads.  The dolls outlines were pinned, right sides together and we sewed up the outlines with the sewing machine (leaving a gap so we could stuff them).

Once the dolls had been sewn it was time to stuff them.

The girls coloured in their dolls with fabric pens to draw on outfits and also make a little red dress for each doll.  They really enjoyed themselves.  Here are the finished dolls:

Saturday, 23 October 2010

The 52 Marvelous Makes Madness Challenge

I found this most fabulous challenge on the equally fabulous Thrifty Mrs Blog.  I've decided to join the Challenge because I love baking, sewing, crochet, knitting, embroidery, making preserves, etc.  All those old fashioned, homely skills that are being lost.  I want my 3 daughters to learn and use them too and in order to do that I need them to see me using the skills and enjoying myself whilst creating something lovely and stylie. 

Oh to be able to sit down and embroider something or crochet/knit a project from start to finish without it becoming a chore or ending up at the bottom of my WIP tub. 

I LOVE the idea of this Challenge because it will force me to complete things and not just sit there watching rubbish on telly while doing nothing else.  It allows me to let my creative side free, but also be strict with myself and finish things.

The post below is from Mrs Thrifty and details how the challenge works:

Right, so, the challenge is to make 52 things you'll enjoy making in the space of a year.

One a week.

So, dinner doesn't count unless it is the dinner of your dreams but making a new cake or a delicious batch of scones does.

You can makes clothes, toys, drinks, food, pictures, shampoo, candles, blankets, anything you like, using any craft, style, talent or skill that you so please, you just have to make one thing per week.

If you've never made a pie, why not give it a try?

As long as you derive pleasure from making this one thing a week all is good (and no I don't want to hear about your bedroom muckiness, there are sites a-plenty for that kind of making).

Document them by taking a photo and either blogging about it or popping it onto the new fandangled Flickr T52MMMC group (make sure to tag or label the blog entries and flickr uploads with T52MMMC).  Also, (if you're taking part) be kind and pop this button (you can choose which ever size suits your blog best) on to your blog side bar linking back to this post so that others can find out what the challenge is all about. You can post about your weekly make any time in the week, I understand how life gets in the way, so there shall be no fixed time and dates attached to this project.

My Embroidered Pillowcases

I have been rather creative lately.  I have been snatching time in between battling numerous bouts of cold/flu, looking after sick children, and generally running around like a mad woman to make these:


They are embriodered pillowcases, I am rather proud of myself.  I found a tutorial on the internet for the edging and lovely flower templates for the embriodery that I drew on (with proper haberdashery store washable pen) and sewed over.  They took me AGES to make and I am not the most patient person.  A friend asked me to make them for her so she could give them to others as presents.  No pressure then, LOL

I am working on some other crafty bits for Christmas gifts. I prefer to give homemade things, although do buy gifts if I see gorgeous items at the right price.  Do you have any works in progress that you want to finish? Are you planning a homemade Christmas gift marathon crafting session?  If you are please do share :o)