Tuesday, 20 April 2010

How do you spend 1:1 time with your children?

My oldest two girls went back to school today and I must say the house is much more peaceful and quiet. My 3yo does not start back until Thursday at the school Nursery so we have two days together while the other girls are at school. The school Nursery sessions run from 9am - 11:50am. During the time that I am without my children I try and have a quiet cuppa by myself before I get on with all the housework, washing, baking, cooking, school governor stuff and the many other things that I need to get done. The reason I headless chook whilst youngest is as Nursery is that I like to spend the afternoons with her doing things together instead of her watching me rush about.

I try and spend time individually with each of my older daughter’s everyday and then they take turns to spend a block of time with me on the weekend doing an activity of their choice. It is great to get that one on one time with them and just have a good chat and do stuff together.

On the weekend I helped the girls use the sewing machine to alter some clothes that we bought for them from a charity shop. We also made them some drawstring bags out of the legs of hubby’s old jeans. Yesterday we were all in the garden preparing the vege patches and weeding the flowerbeds. It was great to be outside in the fresh air and sun helping each other and having fun. It also stopped them from getting bored, starting to fight, and winding each other up.

Today my 3yo and I spent time in the garden. She was brilliant at helping me move wheelbarrow loads of compost, scooping it up with her own little trowel and spade. We had fun digging in the compost and spotting all the minibeasts. She loved planting the seeds in pots and planting out the seedlings we had grown. It was brilliant seeing the world through the eyes of a 3yo. I really should do that more often. If I did I might not be as jaded and grumpy as I can be sometimes at the end of a long day.

I am glad that my girls and I can spend time together sewing and gardening. I love gardening! It is really relaxing and gives me a sense of achievement. I like the fact that we are growing our own food and the children know how much work goes in to producing vegetables to eat. It also saves us money, which is never a bad thing.

We always try to make op shopping fun as well. The older two have got the hang of having a good rummage through the racks at the charity shop to find things that are their size and might fit them. They know to pick up anything that falls off the hanger and put it back on the rack properly and to leave the clothes racks tidy. They are on the lookout for wool at the moment as I am starting to knit again, and relearn to crochet and they are keen to join in.

How do you spend one on one time with your cherubs? Do you grow your own vegetables too? Can you crochet?  If so any tips would be gratefully accepted!


  1. I still enjoy a decent op-shop! One of the best purchases were shoes for my wedding last year for £5! It is difficult with three to find time alone with each child. Sometimes it really is a matter of putting one in front of the box whilst you spend time with one of the others. Library time can be excellent for that, as can days out to playgrounds - but that's so weather dependent. I think you're phenominal doing crafts and cooking etc with the kids. I've always worked so I have always struggled to get the balance right.

  2. I often think I don't want my boy (12months) to grow up and stay a baby until I read something lime this and then can't wait until we can do more together. We have tried gardening but he tends to just eat the soil and ladybirds!

  3. I find doing chores with kids is a great way to spend time and get stuff done.

  4. Thanks heaps for the comments lovelies. Much appreciated.